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It's the story of Doug, a dorky young virgin, who is about to get married to his beautiful bride, Callista, when she becomes possessed and begins eating his friends and family. Now Doug and his best friend, his robot, and a Luchador must team up with a seriously deranged groundskeeper to stop Callista and her demon-possessed bridesmaids before they kill everyone in sight!

Starring Patrick BabbittMorgan C. MeadKyle Moreand David FultzWritten by Morgan D. Mead and Morgan C. MeadDirected by Morgan D. Mead.

My Bloody Wedding

88 mins

Coming in 2011 by R Squared Films

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This film is a true testament to low budget indie filmmaking. It was one of the first feature films ever to be shot on a DSLR camera, specifically the Canon 5D Mark II. When production began in the summer of 2009 the MBW crew were guinea pigs to this new technology and they had to design a workflow as they went. A system had to be invented for downloading and reusing the CF cards that replaced film canisters so no footage was erased accidentally. The steadicams, focus pulling systems, and shoulder mounts hadn't been invented yet. The proper editing process was still unknown for this format. Not to mention the entire film was shot in a remarkable 10 days! This is about as “indie” as it gets!

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