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What is a megachurch?

Within the world of religion there exists a church so large it houses thousands of people, so popular that it brings in millions of dollars every year, so influential that it can sway a presidential election, and so misunderstood that less than 15% of America knows the truth about the megachurch. Over 1,250 megachurches are spread across the United States and with their growing numbers comes growing opposition to their size, their methods, and their ideology.

"The Alpha and the Mega" explores the megachurch phenomenon with a look at the different types of megachurches, their origins, and of course their opposition.

Find out the real truth about America's largest churches.

The Alpha & The Mega

60 mins

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What began as a simple question, "What is a megachurch?" quickly became an obsession for filmmaker Morgan Mead.

Production began on Easter Sunday 2007 in Bowling Green, KY and ended in June, 2009. During that time Mead would travel the country fueled by pocket change and a thirst for answers. What he found would change his way of thinking about religion, church, and preconceived notions of the largest churches in America.

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